Frank's RedHot products are usually always in my cupboard or fridge.  I use them for grilling wings, making buffalo chicken dip, and even throwing on some breakfast foods.  All around everything I have tried from them has the heat but also solid enough flavor.

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Today they put out a voluntary recall on one of their products.  It's the RedHot Buffalo Ranch Seasoning.  It's one of their products that I haven't been able to try yet mostly because I rarely see it in Twin Ports area stores and haven't just bought it online.  The recall is because of possible salmonella contamination.

Per a statement on their FACEBOOK page, the recall does not include other Frank's products.  The possibly affected products are the 153g bottles with a UPC Number of: 066200021047 with date codes of: BB / MA 2022 SEP 06.  While they claim they were only shipped to Canada, it's still a good idea to check your cupboard stock just in case.  You can also contact McCormick Consumer Affairs at 1-800-635-2867 to chat with them about it.  In addition, you can reach out to them on their contact form with pics of your product and the details HERE.

My recipe using their hot sauce is a smidgen different than the one on their website, but the one they have listed and all of their recipes I have tried are quite good.  They have them for burgers, flatbreads, breakfast dishes, various appetizers and much more.  You can check out all of their products and recipes on their website HERE.

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