Just as quick as it starts - it ends.  The summer season is short - especially here in the Northland. It seems like everyone is ready to do some swimming at the beach, catch some rays on the backyard patio, and maybe water-ski or fish at the lake.  No matter what your favorite activity is in the summer, chances are you're rushing to squeeze in as much of that enjoyment as you can before the weather turns and it snows.

One thing that many people look forward to in the summer is the variety of foods that are only available this time of year. While some of the summertime favorites are available year round, they're always best when eaten in season.  In fact - that's the reason why home canning is such a popular activity - especially for people who plant a garden.

So what foods are popular in the summer?  If you're planning out your menus - you can never go wrong with these favorites:

Foods You Need To Eat Before Summer Is Over

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