It's been a little bit of a wait.  It's also been a long drive for many  But it appears that the Nemadji River bridge that crosses County Highway W near the Minnesota-Wisconsin border will finally get rebuilt, following the damage that occured in June 2018.

The bridge on County Highway W was included along with the upcoming Blatnik Bridge replacement in a federal spending bill that was just approved by Congress.  That $1.7 trillion omnibus spending bill will fund a wide variety of projects across the country.  Including those two bridges right here in the Northland.

According to details shared by the Superior Telegram [paywall], that bill passed by the Senate and the House on December 23. Included in the bill is the $825,000 needed for the flood-closed County Highway W bridge across the Nemadji River.  And, it's good news for local county officials who have spent the last few years trying to find a solution to rebuild.  Douglas County Highway Commissioner Jason Jackman explains:

"That's $835,000 that doesn't have to come directly out of the highway budget.  We are fortunate and very happy to receive these funds."

Since the closure caused by the flood, travel has been difficult for the people who live nearby.  County Highway W provides the only convenient route and direct connection between Oliver and Foxboro; alternate routes bring drivers way out of their way - which is a problem for those who live or work in the area.

While the target date goal for rebuilding the bridge structure would be "as soon as possible", county officials aren't sure that it will be able to be designed and constructed in 2023; they need to work through what requirements might be in place due to the federal funding.  Engineers also need time to develop a plan.  Either way, "the county's goal is to rebuild the bridge to be more resilient during heavy rains....similar to Superior's reconstruction of Woodland Road in 2018".

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