The age-old adage in business is to "get big or get out" - and it appears that Taco Bell subscribes to that theory.  The fast-food chain is rolling out new menu options aimed at targeting outside of their usual customer demographics.

[T]he Irvine-based chain [is getting ready to] aunch XXL Steak Nachos, which it calls “restaurant-sized nachos.”

In addition, as rivals such as Burger King and McDonald’s expand their sweet offerings, Taco Bell is revealing a national dessert menu filled with churro doughnuts, caramel apple empanadas and cookie sandwiches, all for less than $1 each.

The restaurant industry labels fast food chains like Taco Bell QSR's - which stands are "Quick Serving Restaurants".  After losing ground to other QSR's, it appears that the chain is re-imaging themselves and observers say that they've been quite successful at it.

Recently, influential hedge fund manager David Einhorn suggested that Taco Bell had successfully repositioned itself as a threat to Chipotle. After concerns about the content of its seasoned beef filling caused Taco Bell customers to scatter last year, the chain is trying to win back fans with free tacos stunts and refreshed stores.

So what else does Taco Bell have up it's sleeve?  Company officials also say that they're getting ready to roll out "smothered burritos" - which will also compete with higher-priced, sit-down standard-restaurants.


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