Millions of people worldwide eat the food that the fast food chains offer up on a daily basis. Restaurants like Burger King, Hardees, Wendy's, Arby's, Taco John's, etc have become part of the American lexicon.

How 'bout the CEO's that run those companies?

It's hard to imagine the CEO of McDonald's sending the limo through the drive-thru to pick up dinner. Do fast-food bosses even eat their own restaurant offerings?

David Novak does. He's the chairman and CEO of Yum Brands, which operates KFC, Taco Bell and Pizza Hut. In the following video interview on CNBC, he says he eats his company's food four to five times a week.

Four or five times a week?!

Novak says he likes KFC's Kentucky Grilled Chicken, which the company says has about 220 calories per breast, and 90 calories per drumstick. He also likes the Fresco chicken soft tacos from Taco Bell, which the company says come to about 150 calories each.

And then on Friday and Saturday nights, he says, he pigs out with his pizza and KFC. "You can eat whatever you want, as long as you're not eating whatever you want all the time," he added.

What about the health-effects of such a diet?

He defended his company against criticism that fast-food chains are making America fat. The real problem is a lack of exercise and scrounging around the kitchen for high-calorie snacks late at night, he said.

People are "looking for somebody to blame for the lack of accountability that you need to take as a person," he added. Fast food amounts to only about 5% of America's total diet, he added. People need to be responsible for their own health.

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