A local woman has been in the news lately for her somewhat unique way of collecting garbage and helping the Earth at the same time.  April Hepokosi from Esko's claim to fame is that she can collect an entire month's garbage in a Mason jar - thus reducing the amount of trash that hits and collects in our landfills.

You have the opportunity to meet April and to learn about her trash vigilence during a free event coming Monday, May 13 to the Superior Public Library.  The program gets under way at 6:00 PM and it's free to the general public.

At the event, April Hepokoski will share her tips and tricks that account for her "zero waste living" lifetsyle.  Attendees can learn various methods towards reducing your family household's overall trash and clutter - just with little changes to your daily routine; you'll also learn subtle ways to re purpose what generally gets tossed out as trash into practical and useful items for your home.

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