Wine and Craft Beer have become all the rage lately with all the flavors and makers adding their spin.

KOOL 101.7 invites you to enjoy some wine time and do some wine tasting. The event will be held every first Thursday of the month. There will be several wines from Cashwise Liquor to sample. Enjoy the bouquet of the wine, swirl it around and look at the hue and viscosity of the wine. Sounds like I know what I'm talking about.

From 5pm to 7pm in the front room at Lucky's 13 you will be able to sample some wines chosen especially for you by Cashwise Liquor. There will be snacks and apps for free from Lucky's 13 in the Miller Hill Mall.

There will also be a chance for you to win a gift basket and possibly more.

Here's some wine tasting pointers from Winemag and the Wine Enthusiast.

Make sure the room doesn't have too much noise. Judge it by sight, is it thick, is it clean looking, It should only be 1/3 full. Look at the wine straight on from the top and from the side. Swirl the wine and sniff it. Take a sip, not a large swallow, of wine into your mouth and try sucking on it as if pulling it through a straw. You will either be satisfied or you will taste inconsistencies in the wine, depending on how it was made.

Enjoy! We will see you there.

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