My friend Eddie was cool. He drove a 7 up truck when I was a kid. I would watch Eddie take a case of empty 7up bottles and throw them up to the top of the truck with one hand. They landed perfectly right in line with the other empty cases. That's cool to watch for a kid.

Once I was playing in the alley and I heard a car hit it's brakes behind me. I turned to see Eddie slide onto the alley from the street in his Studebaker Hawk. I watched as the wheels kicked up a "rooster tail" of dirt behind him. When he passed me he waved out the drivers window, Lucky Strike in hand, and slid into his driveway one handed. Eddie was cool. I loved his Studebaker Hawk. Would you like to see some Studebaker TV ads from the 50's? They're fantastic...enjoy! You'll need ITunes installed on your computer