It's no secret to my Kool listeners that Dunkin' Donuts is my all time favorite place to pick up a coffee with a doughnut.  When I lived in Boston, I had one strawberry or raspberry filled doughnut , and one coffee each day. In less than seven months, I dropped seventy pounds, and I wasn't hungry during the day either! My opinion is D.D. has the best coffee, and the best donuts on the planet, and I can hardly wait till the stores open. Brian Weidendorf of Hinckley, who bought the multistore Dunkin’ Donuts franchise for the Northland says I won't have long to wait, according to an article in the Duluth News Tribune.

The first Dunkin’ Donuts will open in Duluth on Central Entrance, east of Miller Hill Mall, in an existing space that will be remodeled. A store built from scratch will soon follow in Superior on South Tower Avenue near Wal-Mart, he said. “They’ll start coming pretty fast after that,”