On the surface, Lake Superior is just another body of water - much like the rest of the lakes in the region.  But users of the the largest freshwater lake in the world - swimmers and boaters - know that this isn't necessarily the case.  Due to its size and its geographic features, Lake Superior acts more like an ocean than a lake.

A few years ago, the Duluth Fire Department, the National Weather Service, and the Twin Ports Rip Current Awareness Group started posting warning flags, signage, and throw ring stations at various locations in the Duluth area near Lake Superior.  Swimmers and beach patrons are advised to "Know Before You Go" - by utilizing the stations and checking out the information posted on their website.

The program this year starts June 1 and will run until October 1. This date range is a change from years past;  organizers hope that the revised schedule will better match up with the actual swimming and recreation season.


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