Bloody Marys have become a big deal locally and nationally, with the garnishes being put on them and making the news, sometimes taking away from the taste and making it about the show.

With the popularity of this cocktail, events have started to pop up around them. The Bloody Bash on the Hill coming up at Skyline Social & Games on August 7 is just one example, helping a charitable cause with this delicious event. Once you've joined us for that at the beginning of the month, there's now another one you can put on the calendar for the end of August too.

The Bloody Mary Fest will take place at the AAD Shrine Event Center in Hermantown, and your general admission ticket will give you access to unlimited samples of different types of Bloody Marys and mixes but also unlimited craft beer sampling as well.

The event is put on by Northland Vodka and Polished Pineapple Events and takes place Sunday, August 28th, from 10 am to 1 pm. Limited tickets are available and promise to sell out, so you may want to get tickets early. All tickets are general admission and sell for $30.

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According to Make Me a Cocktail, the Bloody Mary was created as a drink you would have the next day after heavy drinking to cure your hangover. 3 men from the 21 Club in New York have claimed they created it. The creation date is somewhere between 1930 and 1939. It started as Tomato Juice and Vodka but has become about the mix and added things like Worcestershire Sauce, Tobasco Sauce, and other garnishes like pickles, beef jerky, and celery.

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One of the most popular recipes looks like this (from Make Me A Cocktail). Usually, people add Bloody Mary Salt or seasoning salt to the edge of the glass.

  • 45m vodka
  • 15ml Lemon Juice
  • Sprinkle Pepper
  • Dash Tabasco Sauce
  • 90m tomato Juice (Or your favorite Bloody Mary Mix)
  • 2 dashes of Worcestershire Sauce
  • Sprinkle Celery Salt

According to Huff Post, the Bloody Mary is normally a brunch drink, but is the most popular drink in the United States.

Who has the most popular Bloody Mary in the Twin Ports or surrounding area? That's a hard question to answer because most of the gimmicks outshine the taste. Most places use the same Bloody Mary mix, so the garnishes make the Bloody Mary. I've seen sandwiches, cheese, pickle spears, beef jerky, celery, carrots, pepperoni, pizza slice, and many other things used with the drink. In some places, you pay for the garnishes more than the drink.

I like my Bloody Mary spicy, so I put in Tobasco or something hotter and use 3 peppers Bloody Mary Mix.

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