Little by little, maintenance work is getting done on the Aerial Lift Bridge. So you may notice a little bit of a slowdown with one lane being a little slow back and forth.

Plan ahead, due to a little routine maintenance work starting June 9 and lasting until June 18, which means moving traffic will slow. Just be aware of the cars in front of you and leave the car in front of you room, the traffic can get congested during the great weather because people are wanting to get to the beaches, or get home.

Bridge traffic will drop to one lane intermittently throughout the project. When traffic drops to one lane, traffic flow will be controlled by traffic signals at the bridge. As you notice with the dates, the project is expected to take two weeks if there are no unforeseen problems.

A City of Duluth press release says it will be a two-week maintenance project. The press release says traffic will be fully restored this weekend to accommodate a large volume of vehicles. During the weekdays, work is expected to occur between the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 3:30 p.m.

The walking area will be impacted too. One side will always be open for the pedestrian traffic that will occur from tourists and people enjoying the weather. Motorists are encouraged to keep an eye out for people walking on the bridge as usual. Pedestrians are encouraged to be safe and be aware of the work being done, and to drive over the bridge first and then walk if they want to take in the sights of Park Point.

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The press release says the bridge has had a few maintenance projects on it and has shut down for a small amount of time some days. Part of the maintenance was upgrading the bridge lights to LED lights. The company is finding things go faster doing the projects in smaller chunks.

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