Lisa Lou Hagglund-Dunaiski posted a video for Good Morning America and they used it.

Lisa said to me that she sent it in because she was pissed that we were getting snow in May. She hoped they would use it and even narrates the video for the GMA weather person.

In the video, you can hear Lisa saying it's not cool that we are getting more snow. Kind of what everyone in Duluth was thinking. Why are we getting snow in May? The video shows the back yard and driveway at Lisa's house and moves over to snow-covered cars to round out the video, with Lisa begging the weather person to do something!

Lisa is a transplant from California, so I'm sure she says year after year, why am I still here?

Lisa let me know about the video and said she was a celebrity like me. Um, no, you are the true celebrity Lisa, you were on Good Morning America, not me. Thanks for sharing this video.


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