This year's Memorial Day Parade will be hosted by the Duluth Women Of Today and they are looking for support and floats.

On their facebook page, they had the following message looking for help from local businesses and individuals.

Last year, a local veterans organization went defunct, and the Memorial Day Parade was salvaged by the Military Order of the Purple Heart. Now, the Duluth Women of Today are taking on this endeavor and partnering with all the local Veteran Service Organizations to ensure these historical and important days are celebrated and not forgotten, and also acknowledge the service and sacrifices made by our veterans.

We are looking for businesses who are willing to support our local veterans by helping us continue these parades. If your organization would like to be in the 2019 parade, please complete the Memorial Day Float Reservation form to be considered.

The Duluth Women of Today is a volunteer organization that tackles projects about which we are approached, and/or for which we have a passion. Started in 2004, our members meet monthly, volunteer in the community, and hold social events and personal growth training. Duluth Women of Today is a local chapter of Minnesota Women of Today that improves the lives of our members and others. Women of Today develops and fosters skills and talents that allow members to become successful leaders, help raise funds, and takes on worthy projects with our communities.

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