There are have been some new games showing up in bars and clubs trying to get more people to go out. This one doesn't look safe.

I have heard of this one and my first thought was, what if someone can't throw an ax correctly, or it's too heavy? I wondered what if the ax came back on the thrower? Well, an Instagram user named Ainsley Rae found out. She threw the ax and it was a low throw, it bounces on the ground and hits off the wall bounces up and right at her head. She ducks and runs out of the way to escape the kickback. The video was posted by Cam Huber and is shocking. Does this game need to be in the bars with people that have had a few drinks in them?

The part that worries me is what if someone threw it sideways, or it bounces over to the people next to you? It might not be dangerous to the thrower, it might be dangerous to the other people playing. I would hope there is an age requirement so we don't have kids trying to throw the ax.

Check out the video below and leave your feedback.

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