It's that time of year again:  Spring has arrived in the Twin Ports.  And even though Northlanders look forward to the change in season all winter long, with it comes the potential for damage and problems.

As the temperatures start to rise, we start to see the winters snow melt away.

The warmer temperatures we get this time of year during the day, combined with the usual cool down as the sun sets in the evening, bring what's known as a freeze-thaw cycle.  And while that thawing part is beneficial towards reducing the snow pack and having it eventually go away completely, it also poses its own complications.

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One of those complications arises in regards to storm drains.  Snow melts, water runs, and then freezes up again during the night.  That refreeze leads to plugged and clogged storm drains, which can result in flooding.

By their nature, storm drains are public utilities that are shared by neighbors and communities.  That's why everyone has to play a role in observing them for problems and notifying someone to get those problems fixed.

The City of Superior Environmental Services Division recently took to social media to put the call out for people to check the condition of the storms drains in their area.

Whether you live in Superior, Duluth, or any Northland community - take a look at the storm drains near your home.  If you notice a storm drain that appears plugged or non-serviceable, call the city to alert them.  In Superior that point of contact would be the City of Superior Environmental Services Division:  715-394-0392.

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