There's nothing new about snow, parking, and winter time in the Northland.  But Northlanders might notice a stepped-up snow emergency parking enforcement for residents of Duluth.

For many years, the City of Duluth has established  so-called Snow Emergency Routes throughout the maze of side streets.  The routes - designed with signage - are considered top-priority for city crews as they tale care of snow and ice removal following winter storms.  These Snow Emergency Routes become extra important in an area like ours where even though there has been sizeable snowfall, we still need to get to and from our daily destinations (work, school, etc).

All told, there are more than 120 miles of Snow Emergency Routes throughout the Duluth metro.  According to our news partners at WDIO, city crews have spent the summer installing "over 2,000 snow emergency signs...scattered over 120 miles total".

While the city has parking rules in effect year round and they also have specific rules for winter time parking, there is an extra-regulation involving the posted Snow Emergency Routes.  In order for the work crews to have the access they need to plow the streets and clear them of snow, an emergency declaration would occur  Once a snow emergency is declared, vehicle owners would need to remove their cars from the posted Snow Emergency Routes or face a ticket, fine, or even a tow.

City of Duluth Public Information Officer Kate Van Daele offered:

"At approximately four o'clock on whatever day, if there is a significant snow event that is coming towards our area, or if there's a type of snow, if there's a wet, heavier snow, we would initiate a snow emergency declaration".

Residents would be alerted to the Snow Emergency Declaration via the distribution system the City of Duluth has established - including Northland Alert.  Click here to visit the city's website to get signed up for Northland Alert.

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Snow Emergency Routes and Snow Emergency Declarations aside, there are specific parking protocols in place to allow the city work crews the access they need even during smaller, so-called "nuisance" snow events.  On the city's website, it details that "it is especially important for citizens to follow alternate side parking rules in the winter months to ensure that our snow plowing crews are able to clear snow off city streets".

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