In a one-two punch, Duluth will lose both its Sears and it's remaining Kmart by this fall - according to a news story by our news partners at WDIO.  Lackluster sales and budget numbers for first quarter are causing owner Sears Holding Corp. to close 72 more of its locations around the country.  News of the closures was leaked earlier this morning and the final list was just released this afternoon.

The closure will also shutter the Sears Auto Center - located near the Sears department store location in the Miller Hill Mall.

Store-closing sales are anticipated to start as early as mid-June with an early September closing date for the two store locations.  The Spirit Valley store was the lone-remaning Kmart in the area, following the closure of the Miller Mall-area store and the Superior store over the last few years.  Meanwhile, the Sears store in the Miller Hill Mall will leave the Simon mall minus two anchor stores  - as the Younkers store is already in the midst of its liquidation sales.

Click here for the complete list of 72 locations.

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