Living in the Northland, it's easy to take the beauty and outdoor opportunities that surround us for granted.  But, maybe we shouldn't.

The City of Duluth is being honored for its role in providing those outdoor recreational opportunities and conservation with a state award that's tied to its role on the national scale.

On Saturday, October 29, the Minnesota Land Trust will honor the City of Duluth as its Partner of the Year at a special ceremony that will happen in the DECC's Harbor Side Ballroom.  City leaders and Land Trust staff and supporters will recognize the role that Duluth plays on the national scale for realizing the potential of outdoor recreation and greenspace preservation as essential services.

That award as the Partner of the Year "commemorates both the City's unique vision and intention as well as its collaborative relationship with the Minnesota Land Trust, which allowed for better conditions in which funding could be secured, restoration projects planned, and the public engaged".

City leaders re proud to take the recognition for their efforts as they champion the work that's already been done.  Duluth Mayor Emily Larson offers:

"We're proud of this honor, and we know that the work we have been doing for years in the conservation space, treating our parkland and greenspaces like the vital resources they are, matter to everyone in the City and beyond.  We know, too, that the Minnesota Land Trust's partnership continues to be a key driver in our ability to continue to conserve and improve these spaces for the enjoyment of our residents and visitors.  This recognition is a testament to our dedication to natural spaces."

According to their website, the mission that the Minnesota Land Trust operates towards clearly matches the interests of those living in Duluth and the Northland:

"The Minnesota Land Trust protects and restores Minnesota's most vital natural lands in order to provide wildlife habitat, clean water, outdoor experiences, and scenic beauty for generations to come."

You learn more about the Minnesota Land Trust on their website.  Included are ways you can get involved on an individual basis.

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