The Washington Post had an article about cities with the most bike commuters, and our beautiful city of Duluth was mentioned in it.

The article did some data analysis about cities with people who commuted on bikes rather than drove cars. The Post found that 1 in 40 people bike to work, but that number has been declining in the past decade.

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While the article focused more on cities that use bikes to go to work rather than class, they still found that almost all the top 10 cities for bicycle commuting are classic college towns. Here's a look at cities that bike to work from 2016 - 2020:

  • Davis, California - 14.9%
  • Key West, Florida - 14.5%
  • Corvallis, Oregon - 10.5%
  • Boulder, Colorado - 9.1%
  • Palo Alto, CA - 8.7%
  • Durango, CO - 7.6%
  • Menlo Park, CA - 7.3%
  • East Lansing, Michigan - 7.1%
  • Santa Cruz, CA - 7%
  • Cambridge, Massachusetts - 7%

I see a lot of cyclists in Duluth, but Duluth is not in the top ten. The Post also did a list of larger cities as well, but again Duluth did not make the top ten on that list either. Minneapolis did come in at the number 6 spot with 3.3% in the larger cities' data. Even Madison, Wisconsin came in at the 3 spot with 4%.

So again, why was Duluth mentioned in the article? This came when a Key West resident was interviewed. Davis is on the verge of losing its cycling-capital title to Key West. A resident named Dane who is a long-time Key West resident and is co0owner of Island Bicycles said "It's not Duluth". Dane also went on to say "Unless there’s a hurricane whipping through here, unless there’s coconuts flying sideways around the island, you can ride pretty much anytime.”

There's no other word on why exactly Duluth was mentioned, but hey, Duluth was mentioned in a Washington Post article without even being on the list.



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