Here's something that hasn't happened too often in the past few months: an in-person event! The Park Point 5-Miler is happening online AND in-person this year, with the in-person portion taking place this Thursday (July 16th).

For this reason, the Duluth Police Department has issued a traffic advisory for that day. It will last for most of the day, as racers will take off at different times throughout the day to maintain proper social distancing and follow COVID-19 guidelines.

The first race kicks off at 6 a.m. with waves of runners continuing until 7 p.m .that night. Here are a few road advisories to note:

  • Avoid the area of Minnesota Avenue near the airport in Duluth, as that is where the race kicks off.
  • Runners will jog through Park Point and run north to the area near 24th Street. There they will turn around and finish the race near the Beach House. These areas will be busy for the majority of the day so avoid if possible.
  • Runners will be using recreational lanes so drivers and residents are asked to be extra cautious and vigilant when driving in any of the mentioned areas.
  • 24th Street to the entrance of Park Point will be impacted in terms oof the recreational lane, which will be closed for the runners and closed to cyclists, other runners and skaters, etc.
  • The road leading to Park Point will close before and after the race. Outside of these time frames, the road will be open to cars.
  • Drivers are asked to use coned traffic lanes, slow down, anticipate heavy traffic in the area that day and follow the instruction of officers and other staff members working the race.
You can read the full advisory from the Duluth Police Department on their Facebook page here. Good luck to all the runners!
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