Sunday, September 18 is the date of the Balloon Fest Color Run and Duluth Police have issued a Traffic Advisory for the Bayfront Park area in conjunction with the event.

The Color Run starts at 9:00 AM with staggered start times.  Runners who participate will leave the back of the park - through the gravel parking lot - to Railroad Street.  From there, they'll turn left to just before Pier B and turn around, and head back in the upper lane down to the Lake Place Drive Steam Plant.  From there, the runners will continue past the Steam Plant to Endion and onto the roadway into Lake Place Park.  Then, the route takes them down the Lake Walk all the way through Canal Park - onto the pier - turning right under the bridge and onto the Bay Walk.  Event participants will then take the Bay Walk all the way to the Red Lobster Lot, turning left on Railroad Street, making another left on Harbor Drive behind the DECC and onto the Lake Walk roadway behind the Great Lakes Aquarium into Bayfront Park to finish.

The Traffic Advisory starts at 8:30 AM with Railroad Street closing between 5th Avenue West to Pier B.  While the race is taking place, cars will be allowed to exit the Play Front parking lot on Railroad but not allowed to enter.

At the same time, the DECC's east gate (Irvin side) will be closed.  However, the north gate (on Railroad Street) will remain open and accessible from 5th Avenue West or Lake Avenue.

Pier B will remain accessible from the west via Garfield Avenue and Railroad Street.

The Great Lakes Aquarium will not be affected by this event and will remain open.