One thing is true:  Northlanders are active in their communities and in their government! That's the idea behind the Community Listening Sessions that bring the Duluth Mayor together with interested residents.  The City of Duluth has announced the dates for the upcoming August, September, October, and November sessions.

While the Community Listening Sessions were started under previous administrations, current Duluth Mayor Emily Larson has continued the program.  Each session is held in different neighborhoods in the city - in an effort to "bring government to the people" and allow for greater participation.

Along with the Mayor, many members of the City staff are also in attendance at the meetings.  Most sessions see representatives from Public Works, Parks, Finance, Public Safety, Human Rights, and Imagine Duluth 2035. Participants from the general public are able to ask questions, offer opinions, and be active at the grass-roots level of government.

Each of the upcoming listening sessions run from 5:30-7:00 PM.  These sessions are open to all residents and children are welcome to attend. The dates and locations of the upcoming sessions (along with specific administrators that will be in attendance) are as follows:

  • Wednesday, August 15:  University of MN Duluth Campus, Room 40 - Solon Campus Center.  In attendance are Councilor Joel Sipress and Chancellor Black.
  • Wednesday, September 19: Norton Park Community Center - 81st Street and Coleman Avenue West.  In attendance is Councilor Zack Filipovich.
  • Tuesday, October 16:  Pennel Park Apartments - 330 North Arlington.  In attendance is Councilor Renee Van Nett.
  • Wednesday, November 14:  Lake Superior College campus - 2101 Trinity Road, Room S1981.



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