Sometimes people do their jobs so well they inspire others, or they have a chance encounter and that changes the way someone looks at the world.

That happened the other day and the Duluth Fire Department. On their Facebook page they told a story of two children who were stuck in an elevator. A seven and eight year old was in the elevator when it wouldn't open. They were stuck and began to panic.

They were rescued from the elevator, and when the Duluth Fire Department pulled them off they were crying and visibly shaken. Mom was relieved that the firefighters were able to help. Seems like they have been doing a lot of that lately.

Mom wound up contacting the Duluth Fire Department. She said that the Fire Department was calm and kept the kids calm, always reassuring them that it would be over and they would be safe, they just had to have a little patience.

Mom went on to say that ever since it happened, her daughter was telling the story and is now saying she would like to be a firefighter and be able to help people like the DFD helped her. She said thank you for your professionalism and for remembering what they may be going through, and finally thanks for rescuing my kids.

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Needless to say, the phone message made our day. We never know what calls will come in, how many, or how intense they will be. Calls like this one, and the follow-up message stick with us, As always, thank you for your support!

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