Last night, Marvel fans huddled around their televisions for the highly anticipated finale of WandaVision on Disney+, which debuted at midnight. However, several viewers on the West Coast reported outages as the streaming service struggled to keep up with high traffic. The spike in technical issues was reported by Downdetector, which revealed the major hotspots to be Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Vancouver.

Downdetector is a sister site of IGN that tracks outage reports at websites, game services, and streaming platforms. At around midnight last night — the time of Episode 9’s arrival — an influx of tech problems were gathered by the site. According to Deadline, the outages were confined to 2,300 cases. But there might have been more, if some users didn’t report their issues.

Several affected Twitter users voiced their frustration online, sharing pictures of the error message that popped up on the screen in place of the WandaVision finale:

It’s not uncommon for streaming services to experience technical difficulties after dropping high profile movies on the platform. But it seems to happen for Disney+ more frequently because shows such as WandaVision and The Mandalorian are released one episode at a time. There’s more hype built around each specific episode, causing a larger amount of people to watch at the same time rather than intermittently binging the series.

In the past, Disney+ users have taken to Twitter to comment on the streaming service’s instability, which has occurred during previous WandaVision episode premieres. The platform went down for a whole 10 minutes in February following the release of Episode 7. With this being the week of the finale, many fans were hoping to watch WandaVision without any interruptions.

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