The Duluth Depot and St. Louis County Heritage and Arts Center are making plans for the future, with COVID-19 affecting some of the events and operations, they would like the public's opinions.

In a statement released in the Greater Downtown Council's Downtown Update they said:

"For the past year, we have been envisioning, discovering, and poking and prodding our beautiful building. We have created a new mission statement along with a clear vision for a future full of interaction and engagement. Now it’s time to fine-tune, and we need the public’s input in order to reach perfection! All we need from you is your experience, and you can share it with us in an easy-to-use, mostly-multiple-choice format from our friends at Survey Monkey. It will be a painless process, we promise, and the payoff is huge: an even more marvelous, engaging, welcoming Depot!"

The Depot has attractions like the Lake Superior Railroad Museum, which shows off some of the trains in history. The Lake Superior Scenic Railroad.where you can ride in one of the historic trains.

The Depot also houses The Underground for the Duluth Playhouse, featuring local Drama Productions, The Minnesota Ballet which is based in Duluth, tours the world with the productions they put together locally. The Depot also has the St. Louis Veterans Hall, The St. Louis Historical Society, and Albert J. Amatuzio Research Center.

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During the pandemic, many of the events and programs the Duluth Depot normally puts on were either canceled or postponed and that left a huge hole for operating costs. So with the new mission statement, the Duluth Depot wants the public's input to help make it a great and memorable experience.

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