Looking for a family event to bring the kids to, this will kick off the Summer with activities, games and equipment free to use.

The Bayfront Family Center, located in Bayfront Festival Park by the harbor, officially opens this Tuesday, May 29. Staff will be on hand to answer questions and show the participants the basics so that everyone can enjoy the experience of playing in one of Duluth's most popular and multi-purpose parks.

There will be additional seating, bathrooms and a vending area to keep everyone happy and take care of the extra people expected to be there for the day. People have used the venue for get togethers, birthdays, and events. This is a great way to spend the day and an event the kids can be a part of. Anyone who is a parent knows it's hard to find family friendly events.

Once the Bayfront Family Center Opens, the hours of operation will be Monday-Thursday from 11am-7pm thru September 13, unless closed due to other special events in the park.

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