Looks like there won't be any charges for birds caught flying while under the influence this fall on the Iron Range.  A recent rash of reports of drunk birds in the Northland has caused some action on the part of the Gilbert Police Department to address community concerns - albeit letting the would-be criminals off Scott free.

The move is tongue-in-cheek in nature, but is helping agencies spread the word about why the birds are acting in such a crazy manner.  According to information passed along with the Gilbert Police Department's proclamation, our early frost in the Northland allowed the berries left on the trees to ferment faster than usual.  Birds that sample those berries will definitely feel the intoxicating effects, causing them to act drunk - flying into items like homes, cars, and the like.  Added to that earlier frost and early fermentation process is the fact that many birds haven't migrated south yet - so that's causing a larger population of the birds to be left to consume the fermented berries, which is making it more noticable.

The Gilbert Police Department had a little fun with the whole situation on their social media page - supplying a list of drunken actions bird actions that should warrant a call to the authorities.

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