I first saw Dr. Lori on my favorite show THE CURSE OF OAK ISLAND on the history channel. When I heard she was coming to Duluth, I said I wanted to talk to her. Well, it happened.

She was exactly how I saw her on TV, she was talkative and such a nice woman. I could see why I enjoyed the parts that she was on for her knowledge of artifacts when the guys dug up or found something that looked valuable.

The great part is, I love a good conversation and wanted a little behind the scenes about the Oak Island show. We talked a good 10 minutes when I said, we had better do our interview. Then, we talked for another 10 minutes. I loved talking to her and found out some things about being on the show and some other shows she has been on.

The way that she described people on THE CURSE OF OAK ISLAND show made me feel like I was there and knew these people. I was hanging on her every word as she described the island and I was relieved to find out the show most likely will continue.

Dr. Lori is at the Arrowhead Home And Builders show at the DECC and will be doing appraisals there, she puts on a very entertaining show. Thank you to Dr Lori and I look forward to keeping in touch.

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