Utility work in downtown Duluth will affect drivers starting Friday, September 22.  Crews with the City of Duluth's Public Works and Utilities Department will be lining the underground sewer line that runs along Michigan Street between 2nd Avenue West and 5th Avenue West.

The work will be conducted using the Cured In Place Pipe (CIPP) lining that has become commonplace in situations like this one.  With the CIPP, the crews won't have to excavate the roadway;  the process will be less invasive, utilizing manhole access points one block at a time.

According to the city, the work will process one block at a time, with lane closures existing at the immediate access point.  The estimated timeline for the project is approximately 3 days.

It's also been noted that a slight odor may be noticeable during the process - however that should dissipate after the CIPP cures.


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