It was another 50 or 100-year storm (depending on who you ask) over the weekend - which has caused a massive amount of road closures throughout Douglas County.  The large number of river and creek crossings - and the general topography of the area -  combine to create many low-land road crossings that easily flood-out when we get the amounts or rainfall we saw this past Friday through Sunday.

One of the major closures is centered in East Superior where Highway 2 crosses the Nemadji River.  The Nemadji has overrun it's banks and has caused a major flood-out at the site of the bridge.  For now this bridge remains closed to traffic in both directions - causing a lengthy and challenging detour for those that need to get through.

Many other roadways throughout the county remain compromised at the same time.  To facilitate information, Douglas County has established a portal on their website as well as frequently-updated information on their social media page; on Facebook, you'll find a map that easily shows which highways are compromised.

A wide variety of city, county, and state crews are working diligently to assess and fix the washouts.

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