The dual set of agreements that oversee operations for two high-profile entertainment venues in the Northland were extended.  The Douglas County Board voted to extend the management agreement that's been in place for the two companies that run the Head of the Lakes Fairgrounds and the Gondik Law Speedway.

Under the terms of the plan, DHL Management and Head of the Lakes Management Group will continue in their dual role for the next three years.  The current plans would expire on December 31, 2025.

Although the property on the east side of Tower Avenue used to be managed as one unit, Douglas County split the race track from the rest of the property in 2020. Here's a rundown of who's in charge of what at the Head of the Lakes Fairgrounds:

Head of the Lakes Management Group:  is responsible for the grandstand and race track area

DHL Management: oversees all of the property grounds located to the north of the racetrack - including the buildings

The extension came following a review of the site this past summer.  According to details shared in the Superior Telegram [paywall], "the [Douglas] County Land and Development Committee agreed to the extensions contingent on a walk through by County officials to assess the general condition of the property".

The terms of that agreement were announced in July, with the actual walk through happening in September. Following the September walk through, Adam Olson - Douglas County Emergency Planner and Risk Manager - shared:

"Overall, the fair grounds management team has done a good job with repairs and keeping the facility presentable and operational."

In addition to the mid-summer Head of the Lakes Fair and the season-long races at the speedway, the campus plays host to a variety of other events as well.

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