This weekends massive rain storm resulted in a lot of damage and destruction.  Some places saw rainfall totals in excess of 13 inches in just a two to two-and-a-half day period.  Along with the numerous public roadways and bridges that need attention, many home owners also saw damage to their property.  From flooded basements to washed-out driveways, some areas saw extensive damage.

In an effort to pool that data into resources, Douglas County has established a reporting vehicle via 211. Douglas County property owners that suffered rain damage from this past weekends storms are invited to call  211 and register their information.  County officials will take this data and use it to connect home owners with resources available to them. At the same time, county officials will be able to use the compiled information in the event that outside resources become available.

It should be noted that this reporting step is not a means of seeking restitution or reimbursement from Douglas County (or any municipality) for expenses incurred.

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