Non-profit agencies in Douglas County that offer critical services for the region could see some help with their bottom line.  The county is currently accepting applications from those organizations for review and possible grant funding from the 2019 annual capital projects process.

Friday, March 15 2019 is the deadline for valid applications from interested non-profit agencies to get into the county.

What constitutes a valid application?  According to information provided on the counties website, the agency must "carry into effect the Douglas County Board of Supervisors’ powers and duties...."  "In each case, the programs or services provided by the nonprofit agency must do one or more of the following: Complement or enhance a vital county service at a reduced cost, provide a service to the county through means that are more cost effective or operationally expedient that what the county can provide, or fill in a critical gap that may exist between county services and community needs".

To fill out an application, click here.


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