Whose poop is that?!!! I hear that from my neighbor all the time. Obviously, it's dog poop. Condo and apartment owners have to hire someone to pick up dog  droppings all the time because of lazy tenants. It's costing them money and of course the tenants all say, it's not their dog.  A new service will help them track down the the poopie perpetrator!!

Most TV viewers are familiar with DNA testing from the popular "CSI" shows, in which the genetic material at a crime scene identifies the bad guys. In real life, DNA evidence is sweeping the world of law enforcement and has been used to exonerate a number of death-row convicts.

According to the Pioneer Press a Tennessee company is putting the technology to a more down-to-earth use.

Jim Simpson, owner of BioPets Vet Lab in Knoxville, said the company started offering the dog-DNA service called PooPrints in 2008.

He said that in apartment complexes around the world, managers wrestle with the same disgusting problem -- dog droppings where they don't belong.

This is like tracking the dog poop murderer, maybe there will be a reality show. POO Master! Maybe PSI? (poop scene investigator) I think it's funny, and needed at the same time. Stop lying about your dog and just pick up the droppings!!