Whose poop is that?!!! I hear that from my neighbor all the time. Obviously, it's dog poop. Condo and apartment owners have to hire someone to pick up dog droppings all the time because of lazy tenants. It's costing them money and of course, the tenants all say, it's not their dog.  A new service will help them track down the poopetrator!!

DNA testing is nothing new, but for dog poo, it's quite new. Or should I say odd, more than new. A new service being offered for apartment complex, condo, and even mall and restaurant owners. Get a pet's poo tested to find out who it is. Especially if this is a pet that comes around a lot. Which reminds me this is something homeowners can use. You might have a pet in the neighborhood that is using your front yard as their toilet.

According to NBC Los Angeles a Tennessee-based Poo Prints claims to serve 200 clients in California and 1,700 nationwide. There is another company offering the same service, MrDogPoop's Crime Lab

To me this is like tracking the dog poop murderer, maybe there will be a reality show. POO Master! Maybe PSI? (poop scene investigator) I think it's funny, and needed at the same time. Stop lying about your dog and just pick up the droppings!!

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