Luckily my friends had rec rooms, rumpus rooms and basements filled with fun games, because all I had was a phonograph.  That was it, a phonograph.  Through my friends I learned how to play pool, air hockey and foosball.  We recently acquired a foosball table through a Family Pathways Thrift Store in St. Croix Falls, WI and childhood memories came flooding back.

Recently while in that area to officiate a wedding we did a bit of exploring of the town.  We found something cool at Logger's bar, went to Turtle Lake Casino and stopped at one of my favorite thrift stores, Family Pathways. They have several locations that I frequent, Hinckley, Pine City and Wyoming, MN.

My husband wandered off like he usually does leaving me in the the midst of the clothes racks.  Soon, he was back asking me to come look at something.  It was an air hockey table.  A little warped in the middle but at the price they were asking, it would have been fun to have in the fan cave, so we grabbed the ticket of the air hockey table.  As we were making our way to the check out, I said "wait, a minute", because something had caught my eye.  An all wood foosball table that would work very nice with the wood in our fan cave.  A bit more expensive, but more fun and less broken fingernails, in my opinion.  Homie, my husband and I talked ourselves right out of the air hockey table and instead bought the foosball table.

Transporting it home through the raindrops was a trick and required a trip to the Wal-Mart for tarp, bungee cords and rope.  As we were driving home we discussed the games we use to play when we were young.  We really don't have room for a pool table, but that would have been our first choice.  We're still looking for a pinball machine, that was my fave growing up.  His heart is set on a pacman game.  What was your favorite, were you an expert at any of them?

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