I save almost everything.  Recently while cleaning I found something that just might be worth some bucks.  Why do I think that?  Because an item from McDonald's dating back from 98' just sold for thousands on ebay.  What do you think, should I try it?

Recently in national news it was shared that a packet of McDonald's Szechuan dipping sauce from 1998 sold on ebay for over $14,000.  That came out in conjunction with one of my daughter's favorite Disney movies, Mulan.  Recently cartoon character's talked about the dipping sauce and that's what spurred the interest.

I am trying to simplify my life and that means going through stuff I've had in boxes for ages.  While I was going through a box of old pictures I found the Christmas edition of those McDonald coupon books you could buy for $5 and advertised as great Christmas stocking stuffers.  It's dated 2002, that's not too far off of 1998.

Cathy Kates

I'm thinking it might be worth something because back in 1985 the look of the Hamburglar  was revamped to what's in my coupon book.  In 2015, they modernized him even more, therefore I have the "old" Hamburglar look.  Should I put it on ebay and see if anybody bites? (like the McDonald's corporation??).

Cathy Kates

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