While my co-host Ken and I were playing a radio contest recently a gal with the last name of DeVinck won. I asked her if she was of the family that once owned DeVinck’s car dealership and she said yes! That got me thinking of all the car dealerships that I remembered in the Northland that aren’t around any longer. Please bear in mind that I wasn’t a “car girl” when I was younger and my memory is a bit fuzzy, but that’s where you come in. I tried to look up info on the closed dealerships but all that comes up is the name and website of the latest dealership that is now in it’s place or nothing at all. That’s where you come in. Can you help me with info on the ones I have listed or do you remember any others?


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    According to the Superior Telegram, after 72 years, DeVinck's dealership in Superior closed ending a family owned franchise business.

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    Duffy Motors

    Duffy Motors was the furthest back I can remember of the dealership in Cloquet. Then, it switched to Oswald Motors and I bought my Chrysler LeBaron with a Landau roof (yeah, I was cool).  Now the dealership is called Cloquet Ford Chrysler Center.

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    Moses Chevrolet

    I remember the name and I think it was in Moose Lake.  Am I right?

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    Ryland Ford

    If memory serves me right, Ryland Ford is where On The Limit, the screen printing and embroidery company is now.  After my Toyota Celica was rear ended I got a Mercury Capri from there with a hood scoop and spoiler.  Although at the time and still, I don't know what the purpose of those were for.

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    Arrow Chevrolet

    I don't remember this one, but my husband swears it existed because he remembers their logo.  However, he can't remember the location.  Can anybody back him up?

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