Have you ever wondered what the state pastry is for your state? Well I was curious as to what the official state pastry is for Wisconsin, and the answer was not what I expected.

The official state pastry has to have cheese in it for Wisconsin, right? Well that is not the case here. The state pastry for the state of Wisconsin is a Kringle!

According to the website Thrillest, a Kringle is:

This full pound and a half of flaky, fruit-filled pastry, baked into a giant oval and finished with a thick smear of sugary icing, is the stuff of munchie-fueled dreams. This sweet treat was brought to the States by Danish settlers, and went on to take over the state, particularly the southern half. Word on the prairie is that a distillery in Middleton, Wisconsin even makes a Kringle Cream liqueur from Wisconsin cream, rum, sugar, and some additional Kringle-y materials -- so, yes please.

I didn't even know this desert existed, much less was the official pastry of the whole state. I don't even know where you could get one of these in Superior.

Has anyone tried a Kringle? Let us know where you can find one!