Perkins Restaurant's full-service bakery would like to show off their muffins, and I will deliver them to you.

Sam and I go to Perkins all the time to eat, mostly for breakfast food, but we go a lot to enjoy some of the baked goods full-service bakery. With cookies, pies, and their Mammoth Muffins, we usually get something to go. Spoiler alert, I've picked up a pie and brought it to a get-together and passed it off as mine. Sorry to fib, but when you need something fast or just something special to serve, their full service bakery can help.

Here's a chance for you to enjoy a treat from Perkins and share with the whole office. Fill out the form and enter to win 7 muffins and coffee for your office. Coffee is all the rage and it can be even better when it's free and comes with Mammoth Muffins from Perkins Full-Service Bakery.

Even better, I will be the MUFFIN MAN and deliver them to your office for you to enjoy right from Perkins. We start giving away muffins the first week of September, so be sure to enter to win! All you have to do is fill out the form below and enter to win.

Muffin Man

We would love to give you some muffins! Fill out the form for a chance to win!
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