I love my taco Tuesdays and I love heading to this Mexican restaurant in my home town. But sweet mother of pear it can talk a half hour to get four tacos some times, or the order is incorrect! Do you know where I am talking about?  How can it take so long to make tacos? I mean that is what people come here to enjoy right? I have about a  75% chance that our order will be wrong or take over 30 min to get served. We have missed movies, gone late to meet friends, I vow to never return!

Never to return is what i said, not what I did or still do to this day. Oh my gosh the food is oh so good. even the warm crisp chip that cradle the delicious salsa, with the fresh cilantro, my gosh my mouth is watering now. Then the crisp floor shells arrive filled with chicken, fresh lettuce and the out of this world white cheese, I am told it is just american white cheese, i call it happiness for your taste-buds.

I enjoy the staff and bartenders are very nice people, it just the time for your food and getting it right is what need to be addressed. I will return for sure I will just order that large Margarita and wait. See you at Guadalajara!

Photo Ron Houk