I wish I had this quiz printed to hand to the person that I was following over the Blatnik bridge on Monday.  He was tailgating, driving erratically and the two drivers in front of him weren't having it.  They pretty much blocked him so he couldn't get past either of them, it was very unsafe. 

I kept my distance as best I could.  All he would have had to do was tap one of their bumpers by accident and he would have spun out right there on the crest of the bridge and I would have been unable to stop.

One of the cars that wouldn't let him pass had Colorado plates.  He was going to take the cloverleaf to the right at the base of the bridge on the Superior side and made sure that he stayed in the driving lane until the last possible second before he veered to the right.  Of course, that just made the erratic driver even more mad and when he could finally get by he sped off at a high rate of speed in what I think is only a 25 or 30.  Anyhow, it wasn't safe for them or any of us driving around them.  If anything had happened, all three drivers should be held accountable.

The question is, do you have control of your emotions when you're driving?  Take the quiz and see if you handle yourself well or you need to remember to take a chill pill.

Quiz:  ajc.com

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