Why not!  The Superior Public Library has a fun event coming up that works on many levels:  Not only does it get you outdoors, gets you active, and reduces stress, but it also feeds your desire to spend time with cute animals!  On Thursday, July 8, the library is offering Goat Yoga - a session designed to take care of all of the above.

The Goat Yoga session will happen at Pavilion 2 in Billings Park - with a start time of 6:30 PM. According to the details released by the Superior Public Library, you'll "[f]ollow along with the breathing exercises and poses, or [you can] just sit back [and relax], snuggle a goat, and take selfies."  The event follows the latest trend of performing yoga with goats to reduce  stress. It's worth noting that while the Goat Yoga event will happen in a pavilion at the park, it will be

As a phenomenon, Goat Yoga is relatively new.  According to sources, it got its start only about ten or fifteen years ago.  While some exercise routines incorporate implements to a strenuous element to the workout, it seems like with Goat Yoga, the mission of the goats to add an element of "cuteness" and a bit of "something different" to the program; combined, that helps to reduce stress for some.  Many people seem to love the idea - especially animal lovers.

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The Goat Yoga program offered by the Superior Public Library is free to attend, but because class size is limited, you're asked to register in advance.  You can do so by emailing wiisanenk@superiorlibrary.org to reserve your spot.

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