Darth Vader, with a few stormtroopers, appeared in Ukraine and gave a speech essentially putting his helmet in the race for the President of Ukraine. Darth Vader is the official candidate of the Ukrainian Internet Party (UIP), which wants to make everything digital with free computer classes for all.

After some events, which included some arrests and violence, former leader Viktor Yanukovych had been ousted from his presidency. This is where Darth got the upper hand. Without any other person to vote for, he is leading the race....which is funny in itself. The Ukrainian Internet Party (UIP) was established in 2010 and looks to run the government, which may happen, but Darth Vader may not be the one that wins.

Many people feel that since Darth Vader was killed in the Star Wars movies, he is looking for something new to put on his resume. (That's a joke too).


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