Just like a budding flower in Spring there are certain businesses that re-open after taking a winter hiatus and it gets Northlanders excited about the possibility of our seasons changing.  I was surprised to see one such business open on Grand Avenue in West Duluth already, Dairy Queen.  Woot Woot!  Here's my list of other businesses that I can't wait to open, can you add to it?


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    Gordy's Hi-Hat

    Gordy's Hi-Hat in Sunnyside, Cloquet is a frequent destination for us to go when we're on the cycle.  It's just hard to decide between a hamburger or fish sandwich.  Of course, we get fries AND onion rings and we have to have a shake or at least hit up the ice cream shop next door, don't you agree?

    Scott Olson/Getty Images
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    Capt'n J's Miniature Golf

    Capt'n J's mini golf is next to the whaleback ship, S.S. Meteor on Barker's Island.  It is truly fun for the whole family, just remember to bring a sweater in case the wind is off Lake Superior.

    Michael Kovac/Getty Images
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    Duluth Rowing Club

    When we're running on Park Point on the weekends we see a lot of activity at the Duluth Rowing Club.  Many locals use the expertise' of the rowing club to get themselves ready for the Dragon Boat Festival in August at Barker's Island.

    Maddie Meyer/Getty Images
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    A & Dubs

    We live close enough to A & Dub's that we get the delicious smell if the wind is blowing right.  Super awesome nostalgia at A & Dub's, where you can still drive up and get the tray of food delivered to your car by a "car hop".

    Jeff J Mitchell/Getty Images