A lot of the time, it seems like movie actors have it easy. They get to live out larger-than-life scenarios in front of a camera, equipped with a powerful script and talented co-stars. But the job of an actor is serious work, and a lot of it can take a toll on the person — both physically and mentally.

It only makes sense that actors draw from personal experience when playing a role. After all, most of us have gone through the near-universal feelings of love, loss, pain, and joy. Tapping into these emotions can make a performance feel more grounded and real. Every actor’s preparation process is different. Some prefer to approach the role from an analytical, pragmatic place, while others prefer to dive in with their entire bodies and minds.

Every now and then, there’s a juicy part that’s hard for an actor to sink their teeth into. Maybe it’s because that character lives a life completely out of the realm of day-to-day relatability. In this case, an actor may choose to prepare for the role by drastically altering their appearance, or molding their lifestyle to reflect that of the character’s. As you’ll quickly find out, some actors will stop at nothing to access the mind of the part they’re playing.

The following actors have gone to great lengths to fully embody their roles on screen. Whether it’s sleeping inside an animal carcass, dislocating a rib, or going to the hospital from consuming too much vegetable juice, nothing is off limits.

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These actors stopped at nothing to transform into their onscreen roles.
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