Walmart and Sam's Club both announced they will not be open on Thanksgiving do you think other stores will follow?

USA Today is reporting that Walmart hasn't closed on Thanksgiving since the 80s. So, I don't want to ruin any business. This is only hypothetical, so don't get mad if you are a business owner, I don't want anyone to lose money.

What if this year every store did the same thing. Instead of starting at dinner time or lunchtime or breakfast on Thanksgiving. What if every business where to be closed on Thanksgiving, so families can enjoy time together, friends can get together, people can eat and sit on the couch and burp and fart. Let people undo their pants and grown. People that usually leave for work, can stay and visit and not have to have anxiety and watch the clock.

People will have time to sleep and be nicer to each other when they have to wait in line for the latest deals. reported that most Americans wanted all stores to be closed on Thanksgiving. Seems to me it's all getting out of hand. It was fun to get up early and tackle a list of things you wanted, then everyone meets for lunch and talks about the deals they got.

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Enter your number to get our free mobile app says that Americans see a store that closes on Thanksgiving as family-oriented because they respect their customers to give them a day home and give their employees a day off. They went on to say that more people shop stores that give people a chance to be with family and loved ones.

With everything happening in the world, it might be a breath of fresh air, people are going to be more careful spending their money because there will probably be less of it to spend. They might go to businesses that take care of employees.

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