There are rumors floating around that Coach Sean McVay might call it quits and retire after a Super Bowl win. Which might make the new Minnesota Vikings coach want to stay.

Pro Football Talk with Mike Florio has been saying that the reason Minnesota hasn't introduced their new coach is that he wants to wait to see what Coach McVay is going to do. McVay was asked what his plans were after the Super Bowl and he said we'll see.

He has been offered some very lucrative broadcast spots and has also made it clear at some point he wants to start a family. So, is he going to leave or stay, That started a firestorm of people saying that Coach McVay is going to leave. If McVay leaves that will open up a coaching job with the LA Rams.

If that happens, would Kevin O'Connell stay to be interviewed for that job?

Los Angeles Rams v Green Bay Packers
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Here's your answer, NO! According to Yardbarker, the Minnesota Vikings will announce Coach Kevin O'Connell as the new head coach on Thursday. The other reason I don't think he will stay in Los Angeles is the fact that he has already made some coaching hires. Granted he could still stay and do what Josh McDaniels did to the Colts and just back out. After all, nothing is signed yet.

I think we have nothing to worry about until we have something to worry about. Even if Coach McVay leaves, O'Connell has his own job and team to worry about. He is the new Viking coach is the way I feel, he has been working toward being a head coach, and who wouldn't want to work with the Minnesota Vikings and the potential they have.

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