When I was a kid, it was always a joke that someone knew where former Mob-connected head of the Teamsters Jimmy Hoffa was buried. NY Daily News says mobsters say they dumped him in a toxic waste area in New Jersey, but there is some proof that may lead authorities to dig up a property in Michigan..

Well, now they might have found him. Under a driveway in Michigan.

Former agent John Anthony, who spent years investigating Hoffa’s disappearance, told WDIV-TV: 'I would say it has no credibility at all. It doesn’t match up with anything we already know. I'd say it’s just another story - someone trying to get publicity or looking after a reward.' A soil sample was taken and was found inconclusive.

Believed dead: Hoffa was declared legally deceased on July 30, 1982, when he would have been 69

A man has come forward and said he was there and witnessed Jimmy Hoffa being buried there. That was the reason the mob was so confident he wouldn't be found. Police said that the homeowner, who has lived at the home for more than a decade, has been cooperative in their investigation. Over the years there were stories, he was buried in Giants stadium, chopped up and spread in a swamp. There has never been proof any of them were true.

Even though they don't have proof and there hasn't been a body, Hoffa was declared legally dead July 30, 1982, when he would have been 69.

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